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Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo 2023

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Bean Bag Hire joins Australia’s largest and the world’s longest-running early parenting event; Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo.

Comfortable butterfly sofas by ambient lounge® were available for parents, children and parent-to-bes to rest on as they went around the 2-day event in Sydney.

The Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo was the perfect event to learn about the essentials in parenting and to know more about how to become better parents for your children. The event was filled with talks and classes about newborn care, breastfeeding, first aid, labour and birth and so much more.

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Sydney Home Show 2022 | Bean Bag Event Loungers

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Event organiser (EEA) initially contacted beanbaghire about setting up a home cinema zone with soft furniture at the event with a co-sponsor – which was then switched to a more general ambient relaxation zone including a cafe & food stall nearby. Bean Bag Event Loungers was available for everyone to rest and chill out as they went around for the whole day.

This zone was created as a rest & respite area with greenery and was enjoyed throughout the entire show.

“The feedback has been amazing from our guests and exhibitors – the flow of people has been constant and this really brought an awkward area of the ICC to life – helping traffic to nearby stalls” – Maridza Riccioni (Exhibitions & Events Australia)

Hold COVID-19 Safe Events in Sydney With Designer Bean Bag Hire

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In the not-so-distant past, the success of events was measured by the number of attendees. It meant having sold-out tickets, venues completely filled out at capacity, and even waiting lines for people who wanted to get in. The “new normal,” however, will spell out a different tune to how events are going to be held in Sydney in order to maintain safety precautions because of COVID-19.
Corporate Events with Bean Bag Hire

Things have been understandably quiet here at for the past few months. But as we quickly approach summer season and the liftings of several restrictions across Australia, we’re buzzing with excitement to once again cater to your Sydney indoor or outdoor events — with COVID-19 safety measures put in place, of course. 

When you think of summertime in Sydney, you imagine having being either by the beach or on a spacious lawn laying around with your friends and family under the warm summer sun. It’s kind of crazy to think that this almost wasn’t even a possibility when COVID hit but thankfully enough, we’re almost in the clear and ready to live our so-called “new normal.”

Events with Bean Bag Hire

Sydney Events Bound to Kick-Off for Summer Under the “New Normal”

As of this month, there have been several restrictions lifted when it comes to outdoor public gatherings in New South Wales. Some of the most relevant changes in restrictions include the following*:

  • Music performances and rehearsals can be held outdoors with a maximum of 500 people if the person principally responsible for organising the rehearsal or performance develops and complies with a COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • Under the public health order, an entertainment facility means a theatre cinema, music hall, concert hall, dance hall and the like, but does not include a pub or registered club. Such facilities must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and can sell tickets for seated events at 50% capacity — to a maximum of 1000 tickets — or they can use the 4 square metre rule to calculate capacity with no maximum number of people.
  • From December 1, the number of people who can attend a wedding will increase to 300 people from Tuesday 1 December 2020, subject to the 4 square metre rule indoors and 2 square metre rule for outdoors.

Indoor Cinema with Bean Bag Hire
With these in place, we’re bound to see a sure increase in outdoor events once again, especially when summertime and warmer temps hit the city. While it may not be exactly how it was pre-COVID times, it certainly still will prove to be an exciting time to simply be outdoors and be in the company of family and friends once again — especially with the holidays just around the corner!

Bean Bag Hire COVID-19 Safety Measures 

Here at beanbaghire, our aim is to provide topnotch comfort for your events with our designer bean bags, while also keeping our patrons safe through proper COVID-19 protocols.

For starters, we have now put a disinfection system in place for all of our bean bags for hire before and after use. We only charge a very minimal fee for thorough disinfection of each and every piece we have. There’s no reason to worry about this fee ‘cause this hardly puts a dent on your event budget, trust us. On top of that, you’ll also have nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of your guests and staff as well.

Events AU with Bean Bag Hire

In line with the NSW government’s requirements for events, we will only also choose to work with organisers and companies that have an approved COVID-19 Safety Plan. We would also ensure that those renting out our bean bags are accommodating only the approved number of attendees given the size of the venue. Ensuring the public of their health and safety requires involvement from all parties involved and we believe that putting these efforts in place can help in making Sydney a safe place to hold events once again. 

Want to know more? Check out our range of available designer bean bags for hire that you can rent for your next event! For other inquiries or concerns, simply reach out to us by calling 1300 707 121 or by shooting us an email at 

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Outdoor Events Are Back In!

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Attention Melbourne Events managers: This great city is open again for (covid-safe) business! Outdoor events are back in Victoria and didn’t we miss them in 2020? 

Melbourne, and the rest of Victoria for that matter, are experiencing a lag in the easing of Covid restrictions compared to all other states in Australia. However there was some well overdue good news on October 24th when the Victorian government announced tentative guidelines that allow for events to come back for summer. A collective wave of positivity was felt throughout the frustrated Melbourne Events Industry and beanbaghire by ambient lounge is here to help you get your event groove back.

Metropolitan Melbourne is now on the ‘3rd Step’ of the coronavirus roadmap for reopening. There are 5 steps in this roadmap — the last one being ‘COVID Normal,’ where all businesses and venues are fully open with a COVIDSafe Plan and without any restrictions on the number of people allowed at any venue. 

Crucially,  under the ‘Third Step’  Melbourne is officially moving from “stay home at all costs” to a “stay safe mantra.” This means that there will be no more restrictions on the reasons to leave home and fewer restrictions on public gatherings & events.

Outdoor entertainment events are finally given a semi-green light – from being totally closed to ‘Heavily Restricted & regulated.’ This entails Melbourne community venues being able to operate but at a limited capacity. Unfortunately, Melbourne indoor events remain banned but could be allowed to open in December. This is pending Melbourne rolling covid 14-day average being  low enough to move into the next step phase, the ‘Last Step.’ Barring a third wave, we can certainly expect metropolitan Melbourne to be fully open under new normal rules post Christmas – and in the peak event season of January.

So what’s permitted in terms of events right now? Here’s a summary of specific event guidelines – primarily seated outdoor spaces with fixed or allocated seated spaces/zones:

  • Outdoors spaces can have 10 people per group/cluster
  • Groups must be 1.5 metres apart from each other and properly seated
  • If it’s fixed seating, patron cap would be at 50 people or 25% of the venue’s seat capacity, (whichever is lower)
  • If it’s not fixed seating but with allocated seated spaces/zones, density quotient and maximum of 50 persons only within the venue 

COVID-Safe Guidelines for Melbourne Outdoor Entertainment Venues

So what are the new rules? It’s vital for Melbourne event managers to comply with government  guidelines for their kinds of business. This could apply to you and your staff. 

Here are the non-negotiable COVID-safe principles for ann business in Melbourne:

  • Ensure physical distancing (1.5 metres)
  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Keep good records and act quickly if staff become unwell 
  • Avoid interactions in close spaces
  • Create workforce bubbles

As of the moment, there have been no specific rules and/or instructions as to the types of events that are allowed (e.g. concerts, company events, etc) and how many people will they be able to accommodate. Surely, there will be more guidelines to be released in the coming days but knowing these guidelines can serve as the groundwork on how you’ll be able to move forward with your event planning for Melbourne. 

Bean Bag Hire COVID-19 Safety Measures for Melbourne

All this upheaval can be confusing. You can get ahead of the Melbourne events using lightweight, versatile and stylish designer bean bags and working with our planning team. Designer bean bags are the perfect furniture for Covid-safe outdoor events 

At, you can feel confident that we prioritize your guests’ safety at any Victorian event. Our team has a covid-compliance surface disinfection system in place for all bean bags for hire – before and after use. We charge a very minimal fee ($5) for thorough disinfection of each sofa for complete peace of mind. 

Need a Covid-safe design? … For large festivals or government-run public events we also help map a spacial layout of your venue with our product. You can visualize how to position your bean bags with clear markings for socially-distanced space in between guests. 

Keen to know more? Check out our range of weatherproof designer bean bags for hire. For other inquiries please live chat or reach out to our expert team by calling 1300 707 121.

*Information gathered from the following sites:

Fun Things To Do with the Crew during Winter

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Winter is Coming to Oz -terros! And with it comes major boredom… For some…

Aussies love the sun and fun and though winter is “no sun” it’s definitely not “no fun”! Activities are happening around Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Just look around Twitter for these winter events or you could make your winter an all-chill season with these fun few suggestions:

Have an Indoor Winter Movie Festival

Got a big crib or large covered backyard terrace? Make a winter festival of it. Get your friends in your home, lounging in a bean bag, sipping hot chocolate and staying inside the comfort of a cover while watching cool, summer movies with characters basking in the sun, surfing the sea and drinking summer punches. (Oh yeah, you’ll love winter more.)

Be a BIG-TIME Chilled out Slacker that parties at home

And when you’d have enough of the movies… And you can’t help not to move around and give-in to hibernation mode, have another party! Make it ugly, exciting and totally lazy! Pull out your old, worn-out, passed-on sweater or Onesies and just hang out with a cool crew of friends. Drink beer, eat beer (that’s possible) and even bathe in beer- literally enjoy chilling!, crank up the fire, lounge out in a bean bag, enjoy a barbie… You’ll wish it’s an all-day everyday event…

Get out to the mountains and get amongst the snow first thing in the morning

Go to Mt Buller or Thredbo. You’d carry in your bean bags up the mountain, if you could … you know they are snow-proof too.

Stop being lame in the rain, actually go to Winter Sports events or organize one.

It’s time to go Ski, Ice Skate or Rugby and Football games. Or be a manager of your own small soccer team- neighborhood kids will love you! Schedule tournaments for the team and organize gathering for soccer parents with some Rock and Roll themed party with cool waterproof bean bags.

Date one or a group of Oenophiles/wine lovers (real or not) and lush in food and wine

It’s a brilliant time of the year to sneak out to our scenic wineries and rediscover some great-tasting Aussie wines. Choose to get knotted in the old vines of Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Margaret River, Barossa Valley or Noosa.. Get romantic with your special one while loading up together on gourmet foods and a few top drops. Or make it less lovey by hanging with a random crew of all wine lovers (or pretending to be). So enjoy a boozed up bus ride, tour around, veg out later in a marquee in the backyard, get warm with heaters and cozy with our bean bags, just perfect in snuggling and appreciating the flavors of the Aussie winter wine lifestyle

That’s how you have fun in the freeze! And there’s more exciting things that you can do, just don’t forget to hire our designer bean bags for all the creative things you can think of doing this winter! Call us on 1300 707 121 or email

World Cup Cricket, AFL, and NRL is here in Oz- Hire bean bags for sports nights

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Sports night in Australia can be epic occasions to get together with the crew.

With the World Cup Cricket, AFL and NRL season’s upon us, why not hire designer bean bags for your next footy function or sports watching nights?

What is better than getting together a large crew, lots of beers, a huge screen projector, a good old aussie BBQ and heaps of luxurious Ambient Lounge bean bags host the sports night of the year. You will be surprised how economical, easy and awesome it can be.

Whether you are wanting to hire for a Perth backyard, a Sydney rooftop or a Melbourne sports ground we will be able to accommodate your needs. All you need to do is contact us, sort our a deposit and we will organize the rest.

Just kick back and enjoy the game with your mates in amazing comfort…. and don’t worry too much, our bean bags are waterproof (and beerproof) so before you return them to us, you can clean them off easily.

The March 29th World Cup Cricket final at the MCG is coming up so if you need to book – let us know quickly.

If you are a sports club interested in hiring our bean bags, please contact us on 1300 707 121 or email

Slackerlife One Piece and bean bags for a chill out summer

One Piece & Ambient Lounge Bean Bags have Bondi Chillin’ at Vans Bowl-a-rama

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Norweigen “slackerlife” clothing company One Piece know how to do cool.

The original inventors of the ‘Onesie’ they make casual designer clothing that hit a bullseye in the comfort zone and the sweet spot of the cool crowd.

So when they organised their VIP ares for the Vans Bowl-a-Rama – they need like minded partners who know how to look good, feel good and know how to party with them. Step in Ambient Lounge bean bag hire with some crowd pleasing longers that helped make an amazing day absolutely epic.

Called “undeniably the best skate jam of the year” by Red Bull, packed out crowds headed down to the sun drenched Bondi Beach for an awesome day of extreme sports and competition. Veteran master Tony Hawke took out the “old school” event and a pair of Brazillians Pedro Barros and Alex Sorgente hit the podium for first and second in the event. There were some gravity defying moves goin’ down and the One Piece crew were loungin; around and soaking it up all day.

Talk about work hard – play harder! There wasn’t too much corporate garble goin’  on amongst that crew. Just bundles of fun.

What a day (and night) it was with the finale being some guy running through the crowd at some stage in his “birthday suit”… shenanigans you would expect from an extreme crew fuelled up with vodka & red bull.

Thanks to all who made the event truly epic and was nice to make a lotta new friends down there. We were happy to help out with the bean bag rentals … our pleasure…. See you all next year!

We’ve “BEAN” everywhere man – Designer Bean Bag Hire just went truly National

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Hello Aussie Event Managers, Party Planners, Function co-ordinators and creative corporate gurus!

We welcome you to our new look Australian website which features a more comprehensive range of Ambient Lounge Designer Bean Bags for hire at an exceptionally affordable price.

We are the only designer bean bag hire company that offers you an (almost) Australia-wide service. No matter if you are in swanky Sydney, marvellous Melbourne, bodacious Brisbane, or perfect Perth you are able to hire event seating that will have your cool crowd crowing about how good  your event was.

Nothing like your guests leaving with shiny happy feelings about your event and seamless planning skills.

So give Ambient Lounge bean bag hire a call on 1300 707 121. We would be happy to help you plan your function – no matter what the size or demographic.