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Studio Lounger

$9 – 19 per day


The Studio Lounger is made for your body (and event guests) to fall in love with! It’s a slim and stylishly toned indoor/outdoor lounger that’s beautiful, holds a stylish shape and provides superb comfort.

As featured on Channel 9’s The Block in their “pool reveal” episode (season 8, ep 24) the Studio Lounger is without peer for style and softens up any hard edges contemporary scene. The Studio Lounger effectively brings the comfort and friendliness to your even or party without taking away from the boutique coolness factor.

Designed around the natural seated curve of your body, this beanbag is perfect for long sessions of movie viewing, gaming, reading or just chilling out cozily. We hire the weatherproof version of the Studio which is superb in the sun poolside, in the garden, on the terrace or just about anywhere in and out of the elements.

Studio Loungers work well mix and matched with other single seating sofas and the Satellite Twin for both aesthetics and function.

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Fabric: Toro Red
Available in Sydney and Melbourne

Waterproof, UV resistant and rowdy crowd proof

Indoors or out, rain hail or shine our bean bags can take it.

Studio Lounger in action

See how the Studio Lounger can liven up your event.